9-29 ноября 2009 г.
Шестая Всероссийская дистанционная студенческая олимпиада
The Voyage to Terra Australis


Пробное задание первого тура:


  1. The largest of its kind, this wonder of Australia has not been made by the hands of men.
  1. This Australian word means "area covered with forest" (a homonym for the surname of two US presidents).


  1. This world-famous Australian girl trained her mind at Sydney University to be a lawyer, however these days she is better known as "The Body", and her heavenly face appears everywhere, including Caribbean postage stamps.
  1. What is the nickname of the movie character who uttered this famous catch-phrase?
  1. How can one describe a country where trees drop their bark instead of their leaves, the summer lasts from December to February, some birds don’t fly and rivers flow in the wrong direction?
  1. Her birth was, to some extent, related to politics. When she was eight years old, she turned out to be pretty materialistic and even became an advertisement star. She gained such popularity in Australia that she was almost elected as the only one for the country. However, “she” is rather… “it.” What is its name?
  1. This legal concept derives from Roman Law and is widely used in international law. For centuries it served as the justification of Britain’s right to colonize Australia. However this notion was overturned by Australian High Court in 1992.
  1. Although Australia was originally populated by conmen of all types, some of them responsible for numerous deaths, today it is the ________ that kills the record number of people every year.

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